For Fall, I Spy….

Margherita of Savoy, Queen of Italy, wearing a...

Margherita of Savoy, Queen of Italy, wearing a multi-strand choker and a rope of pearls, possibly with matching bracelet and earrings (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Last week, we took a look at the hot colors of fall. This week, let’s talk about the trends in fashion from the runways.

First out of the gate are pearls, pearls, pearls. They are everywhere, from jewelry to adornments on dresses and jackets, to embellishments on belts and shoes. When going for pearls go big or go home. Don’t think Barbara Bush’s triple strands; think studded on big hoop earrings, adorning vintage shoe clips (with rhinestones), or scattered over an evening bag.

Grunge is our next trend. It showed up in many, many collections–think dirty denim with small floral pattern dresses, leather accessories, big knuckle rings, heavy soled boots, or spiky adornments. If you are no longer in your 20’s, use this sparingly–leather jackets with softer pieces, messy hair, flat boots. A little grunge can add a nice edge–too much, and you’re playing dress-up.

For fall, fur cropped up in new and somewhat unusual ways: skirts, belts, shoes, even sunglasses. Who didn’t want a pair of those funky Celine Birkenstocks with the fur interior? Designers also shaved furs down to create thinner, finer textures, and dyed furs great, bright colors. A fur vest remodeled from a consignment mink jacket would be fun, fun, fun–even more fun would be faux fur pieces as collars and cuffs on sweaters and jackets, or a fur boa draped about the neck of your leather jacket to juxtaposition hard and soft.

Mixing your patterns, ladies, will put you right in style.  Proenza Schouler showed a crazy quilt of patterns in black and white that looked fresh, dramatic, and very of-the-moment.  Other fall collections featured mismatches of floral patterns, stripes, dots, and other funky motifs that catch the eye and spark the imagination. The trick to not overdoing this trend is to keep to a common color scheme with a predominant color repeated, and to be sparing with throwing animal prints in the mix.

Are you into flowers? Great news for you! Florals stormed the spring runways, and are going strong into fall. Mixed floral patterns were featured in sheath dresses, full skirts, and structured jackets. I think the trend is best used sparingly, in accessories such as a great clutch, a statement ring, or a wonderful pair of pumps. We have a Flower Power table at Doris’ Closet, so come see how you can incorporate flowers into your wardrobe mix. Everything’s coming up roses and daffodils!

The secret is to have fun with these trends. As with any of-the-moment look, don’t redo your wardrobe; incorporate a few fun pieces that you acquire at consignment or thrift shops into the mix.

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